how to retain nursing faculty

Plainly put, you need to pay attention to what’s going on and you need to talk. By the end, my wife was on Medicaid—you know, the program that pays for two-thirds of all nursing home patients because neither Medicare nor private insurance will. That was after I had spent almost all our money. Nursing homes are expensive. Got an extra $6,000-$8,000 a month, lying around? Got enough for a decade of it? Well, just so you know, Medicaid is also the program that the Republican Senate “health” bill would cut by $600 billion to give their donors an $800 billion tax cut. If that happens, it’s apt to get dicey and your options might be a tad limited. Cutting benefits from “those online nursing teaching jobs people,” after all, is always a swell idea until you become one of them. (This isn’t about stereotypes, folks, this is about birthing babies and caring for kids with disabilities and providing a way to pay for nursing home care.) As important as that is, though, there is something else you very much need to do.

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